naked and articulate (sihaya09) wrote in faeriefashion,
naked and articulate

New Fuchsia Wings at Sihaya Designs!

Hello! There are new fuchsia holographic earrings up in the shop! Plus new wanderlust pieces, earring wardrobes, labradorite, and woodland moss. Take a peek!

Oh, and new fuchsia faery wings!

Fuchsia Faery Wings

Wings of Sunset Pendant

The Wayfarer Charm Necklace

Swirling Tides Earrings

Spirit of the Summerwood Necklace

Seaborne Reliquary Pendant

A Day At The Shore Earrings

The Scribe Necklace

The Forest Scribe Necklace

The Mirror Pool Necklace

Iris Roscida

Nyx the Mist-Shrouded

Aphrodite of the Waves

Thanks for looking!
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